maleEven a few years ago, there were still many LGBTQ people who had never stepped foot into the virtual world of online dating, but these days everyone is at least somewhat aware of the online communities that exist for the purpose of finding a soul mate, or a more casual first date. In 2016 that provides plenty of advantages and a few pitfalls that you should know about before you begin your own online dating experience to get the best results.


By far the biggest pro benefit of online dating these days is the nearly ubiquitous acceptance of LGBTQ people and the varied orientations many people exhibit via their dating profiles and community interactions.

“It’s terrific to be able to go on our site any time without feeling judged or ostracized for being who you really are and always have been” said Thomas Kinter of “We have worked hard since All Male was first conceived to create a caring, sharing and completely safe environment for everyone who uses our site to meet new mates for quite a variety of dating styles. Now, that work is done as the values of the LGBTQ community have really taken root and everyone is free to express themselves openly in ways that allow each member to find a perfect match based on honest conversations and true interactions any time of the day or night.”


Just as the online dating world has become much more inclusive, it has also become somewhat more competitive. So many more people feeling comfortable and at home online finding new dates, frankly means more people are out there trying to land that perfect match you might have noticed as well. That means you really do need to put some time and a little effort into creating an enticing profile for yourself, along with a few accurate photos and some meaningful facts about who you really are – so that your true self can outshine all the others online.


In 2016, the online dating scene is growing rapidly, thanks to a very inclusive vibe that celebrates human individuality and allows everyone to share their desires in a nonjudgmental, open way that leads to real results. Of course that has also brought quite a crowd of desirable dates to sites like All Male where so many LGBT people are finding love online.