rainbow white houseI had a chance to do the rose garden celebration of the court decision around same-sex marriage. I did not have a chance to comment on how good the White House looked in rainbow colors. That made it a really good week. To see people gathered in the evening outside on a beautiful summer night, to feel whole, to feel accepted, to feel that they had a right to love–that was pretty cool. That was a good thing. That was a good thing.” – President Obama on the rainbow lit white house

just-marriedThe passing of same sex marriage by the Supreme Court in the US is a historic day in so many ways. It’s the civil rights issue of our time, no matter if some wish to say otherwise or not. It brings about a somewhat strange time to be alive in, a pivotal moment of transition, in which both future generations and those in the present unaffected by it, are destined to view from a different perspective to those in the eye of this particular the storm.

Even the terms themselves instantly become somewhat antiquated, ‘gay marriage’, same sex marriage’. Of course we need to use them in relation to bring about fairness and equality in law in countries where equal marriage doesn’t exist. In cultures where it’s the law of the land though gay marriage and same-sex marriage are, I believe, terms that will eventually die out. It’s ‘just marriage’. You no more attend a gay marriage than you go to a black marriage or a young or old marriage. In time it will become a term solely used by people who still take issue with it but likely aren’t brave enough to say so. Those who feel a compulsion to differentiate forms of love.

For now though, of course I can fully understand who these terms are used and we can all rejoice that the world, for some at least, is a little more equal this week.


For those of you living under a rock gay couples in the good ol’ US of A now have a constitutional right to get married, courtesy of a 5-4 judgement by the Supreme Court. How crazy to be alive during such a seismic shift in the treatment of gay people in Western society. Of course a change in law doesn’t immediately mean that everything is fine, but where inequality exists in law, a shift towards alignment certainly will make a difference in winning over more hearts and minds. The idea that a gay couples marriage would somehow impact upon straight couples relationships never did make any sense to begin with, as anyone with an open heart and/or an open of rational mind will attest to.

Mark Simpson coined the word Metrosexual. Here he is in footage from an Italian TV interview about the nature of masculinity. From David Beckham, the male body beautiful, online affirmation and the nature of gay and straight relationships. Some thought provoking stuff.