blanket kniting pattern

I’m all for the latest fashion item and saw this listed as a knitted ‘hue shift’ afghan blanket. However to me, this is a rainbow dream and I’d die to find out the knitting pattern, only it costs 5 dollars apparently and I’m something of a cheapskate¬† so it will forever allude me!! However if any one of you are dedicated enough to knit this and take a pic of yourself with it, I’ll of course be happy to show the pic of your achievement here on :). I of course wouldn’t ask that you send it to me or anything, but you know, if you feel like it and stuff maybe ;).

If you’re like me and struggle keep fitness at the forefront of your mind, perhaps this exercise routine contribution from British swimmer Tom Daley can help you to get in the right mindset. The video consists of several 30 second exercises that will help you improve your cardio and strength, so check it out and get closer to having those abs of steel. Please don’t do what I did and just watch Tom’s video half naked while eating a pizza!