gay mural in dublin

A huge four story mural has appeared overnight in Dublin. This touching embrace was created by street artist Joe Caslin and its timing due to May’s marriageĀ referendumĀ  in Ireland.

Last night the BBC aired a really delicate and thought provoking documentary by Louis Theroux called Transgender Kids. It’s a difficult subject to approach in a society that has not exactly put the feelings of transgender people to the fore. Here we see the difficult path these children, their families and medical professionals have to tread while working through gender identity issues.

iPlayer Link for UK viewers here:

same sex marriage

These are figures relating to the US, where the shift towards those in favour of same sex marriage has shifted dramatically in recent years. We see this filtering through to policy and hopefully gay marriage will be legalised country wide later this year. That’s currently in the hands of the supreme court.

religious bigotry

I love this message. People should use religion to improve the lives of others, not detract from it. It should be an opportunity to help, not a weapon to hinder.